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Article Archive

Posting for March 2007

Provider feedback to improve 5A’s tobacco cessation in primary care: A cluster randomized clinical trial
Charles J. Bentz, K. Bruce Bayley, Kerry E. Bonin, Lori Fleming,
Jack F. Hollis, Jacquelyn S. Hunt, Benjamin LeBlanc, Tim McAfee,
Nicola Payne, Joseph Siemienczuk
Nicotine & Tobacco Research Volume 9, Number 3 (March 2007) 341–349

Successful participant recruitment strategies for an online smokeless tobacco cessation program
Judith S. Gordon; Laura Akers; Herbert H. Severson; Brian G. Danaher; Shawn M. Boles
Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Volume 8, Issue S1 December 2006 , pages S35 - S41

Smokers who use Internet and smokers who don't: Data from the Health Information and National Trends Survey (HINTS)
Jacqueline L. Stoddard; Erik M. Auguston
Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Volume 8, Issue S1 December 2006, pages S77 - S85

Beliefs and experiences regarding smoking cessation among American Indians
Diana Burgess; Steven S. Fu; Anne M. Joseph; Dorothy K. Hatsukami; Jody Solomon; Michelle van Ryn
Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Volume 9, Issue S1 January 2007 , pages S19 - S28

Patterns of tobacco use in a sample of American Indians in Minneapolis-St. Paul
Jean L. Forster; Kristine L. Rhodes; John Poupart; Lannesse O. Baker; Cynthia Davey
Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Volume 9, Issue S1 January 2007 , pages S29 - S37

Adding addiction to the transtheoretical model for smoking cessation
Susan Andersen
Addictive Behaviors. Volume 32, Issue 5 , May 2007, Pages 1099-1104

One size fits all? A process evaluation-the turn of the 'story' in smoking cessation
D. Ritchie, S. Schulz, and A. Bryce,
Public Health. Article in Press, Corrected Proof

Dependence potential of nicotine replacement treatments: Effects of product type, patient characteristics, and cost to user
Peter Hajek, Hayden McRobbie, and Fiona Gillison
Preventive Medicine. Volume 44, Issue 3 , March 2007, Pages 230-234

The motivation to stay abstinent in ex-smokers: Comparing the present with the past
Arie Dijkstra, Ron Borland, and Bram P. Buunk,
Addictive Behaviors. Article in Press, Accepted Manuscript

Advice on using over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy-patch, gum, or lozenge-to quit smoking

Lynn T. Kozlowski, Gary A. Giovino, 1, Beth Edwards, Joseph DiFranza, Jonathan Foulds, Richard Hurt, Raymond Niaura, David P.L. Sachs, Peter Selby, Katherine M. Dollar, Deborah Bowen, K. Michael Cummings, Mona Counts, Brion Fox, David Sweanor, and Frank Ahern,
Addictive Behaviors. Article in Press, Accepted Manuscript

The clinical significance of 'small' effects of smoking cessation treatments (Editorial)
Robert West
Addiction. Volume 102 Issue 4 Page 506-509 - April 2007

Postings for February 2007

Potential Health and Economic Consequences of Misplaced Priorities

Steven H. Woolf, MD MPH
JAMA 2007; 297:523-526

Update of Bupropion and Nortriptyline Cochrane Review
JR Hughes, LF Stead, T Lancaster

The Effect of a Multi-Component Smoking Cessation Intervention in African American Women Residing in Public Housing
Jeannette O. Andrews, Gwen Felton, Mary Ellen Wewers, Jennifer Waller, Martha Tingen
Research in Nursing & Health, 2007, 30, 45–60

Evaluation of an Internet virtual world chat room for adolescent smoking cessation
Susan I. Woodruff, Terry L. Conway, Christine C. Edwards,
Sean P. Elliott, Jim Crittenden
Addictive Behaviours, (2007)

Varenicline’s Efficacy for Smoking Cessation Studied
Cahill K, Stead LF, Lancaster T. Nicotine receptor partial agonists for smoking cessation. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2007,
Issue 1. Art. No.: CD006103. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD006103.pub2.

Impacts of a Smoking Cessation Benefit Among Employed Populations
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Volume 49 Number 1, January 2007
Halpern, MT., Dirani, R., Schmier, J.K.

Effectiveness of a smoking cessation intervention in older adults
Addiction Volume 102 Issue 1 Page 148 - January 2007
Tait, RJ., Hulse, GK., Waterreus, A., Flicker, L., Lautenschlager, NT., Jamrozik, K., Almeida, OP.

Damage to the Insula Disrupts Addiction to Cigarette Smoking
Science Vol 315 26 January 2007
Nasir H. Naqvi,1 David Rudrauf,1,2 Hanna Damasio,3,4 Antoine Bechara1,3,4

Postings for January 2007

Organization, Financing, Promotion, and Cost of U.S. Quitlines, 2004.
Keller, P. A., Bailey, L. A., Koss, K. J., Baker, T. B., Fiore, M. C. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. December 19, 2006, [Epub ahead of print].

Impediment Profiling for Smoking Cessation: Application in the Worksite.
O'Connell, M., Comerford, B. P., Wall, H. K., Yanchou-Njike, V., Faridi, Z., Katz, D. L. American Journal of Health Promotion. November-December 2006, 21(2): 97-100.

Couples’ Reports of Support for Smoking Cessation Predicting Women’s Late Pregnancy Cessation.
Pollack, K. I., Baucom, D.H., Palmer, C.A., Peterson, B.L., Ostbye, T., Stanton, S. American Journal of Health Promotion. November-December 2006, 21(2): 90-96.

A path model of smoking cessation in women smokers of low socio-economic status
Manfredi et al. Health Educ. Res..2006; 0: cyl155v1-10

The challenge of embracing a smoke-free lifestyle: a neglected area in smoking cessation.
Segan et al. Health Educ. Res..2006; 0: cyl157v1-9

Views on smoking cessation methods in ethnic minority communities: A qualitative investigation.
Fu et al. Preventative Medicine, 2006 Dec 15 Volume 43, Issue 6, Pages 435-502



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